Colegio Hispano Británico Lanzarote

CHB Houses

Students at the Colegio Hispano Británico are split into Houses. Initially there were two Houses, which came to be in the mid 80’s named Wilberforce, in honour of William Wilberforce who was instrumental in abolishing the slave trade in the British Empires and Kings, named after Dr Martin Luther King, leader of the US civil rights movement.

Later a third house was added called Cervantes and named after the Spanish writer Miguel De Cervantes, by many considered the father of modern novels and the preeminent writer in the Spanish Language.

Students are awarded House points for academic and sporting achievements as well for behaviour. These are tallied up throughout the year with the winning house being decided on the Sports day held on the final day of the school year.

At the beginning of the school year the student body get to vote on the Head Boy and Head Girl as well as the house captains, a boy and a girl, from our 6th form students, to represent them throughout the school year.


“Intelligence plus character - that is the goal of true education”

Martin Luther King Jr.: A pivotal figure in the American civil rights movement, King advocated for racial equality and justice. His leadership and advocacy, notably through nonviolent civil disobedience, played a crucial role in achieving landmark legislation such as the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and the Voting Rights Act of 1965. Kings embodies the Colegio Hispano Británico’s belief in resilience, democracy, civil rights and racial harmony.


“We are too young to realise that some things are impossible... So we will do them anyway”

William Wilberforce: A prominent 18th-century British abolitionist, Wilberforce tirelessly campaigned against the transatlantic slave trade, leading to the passage of the Slave Trade Act of 1807 and contributing to the broader abolitionist movement. Wilberforce embodies the Colegio Hispano Británico’s ethos of liberty, justice, human rights and compassion.


“Believe there are no limits but the sky”

Miguel de Cervantes: A Spanish writer, Cervantes is hailed as one of the greatest literary figures. His magnum opus, “Don Quixote,” is considered the first modern European novel and a masterpiece of world literature, influencing subsequent generations of writers and contributing to the development of the novel as an art form. Cervantes embodies the Colegio Hispano Británico’s connection to Spain, the power of imagination, creativity and the importance of reading as the cornerstone to education.

Colegio Hispano Británico Lanzarote

CHB Houses

Just like in “Hogwarts” of Harry Potter fame, students at Colegio Hispano Británico are divided into houses that compete against each other in sporting and academic endeavors, with the house champions being decided on Sports Day held on the last day of the school year.