Higher Education

Colegio Hispano Británico Lanzarote

Academic Success

When looking at results it is quite hard to make comparisons. The Upper Sixth form is normally composed of some 14 to 16 students. Due to its small size, and as the school is non selective, there can be a wide range of results within each year and between years. However, in general we expect the most of our students to obtain a place in one of their chosen universities. We also have great experience in helping students through clearing if they have obtained worse results than expected. Generally, all of our Upper Sixth Form will be offered a place at university.

Our brightest students will normally go on to study at the best universities in the UK and the World. We have had students in Oxford, Cambridge and Imperial College London which are amongst the best universities in Europe and in the top 10 universities in the world. We have also placed students in the London School of Economics (LSE) and University College London (UCL) which are also very highly regarded universities and again are amongst the best in Europe. In short, for our best students the sky is the limit.

Although gaining recognition for placing our top-performing students in prestigious universities is noteworthy, we take particular pride in the achievements of our less academically inclined students. Some of our most significant successes have been with students who may not have initially considered the possibility of attaining a university placement. Our dedicated efforts have been focused on elevating these students to a level where attending university is not merely a distant aspiration but a tangible reality.

A number of these students have gone on to accomplish remarkable feats. Our unwavering belief in their potential and our earnest desire for each student to thrive motivate us to continue fostering their success. While we are a fee-paying school, the ultimate satisfaction lies in witnessing former pupils return with academic achievements such as degrees, master’s degrees, or even doctorates, embarking on careers in their chosen fields. At Hispano Británico, we hold firm to the conviction that “Somewhere over the rainbow, dreams can come true.”