History and Background

40 Years have passed since then

Colegio Hispano Británico Lanzarote

History of foreign schools

The history of foreign schools in Lanzarote began in 1965 when Mr Paul Perry decided to construct, in true American fashion the group of buildings that is now part of Rancho Texas. This school was founded as a branch of the American school in Las Palmas and was designed to take boarders. It failed in February 1967 through lack of support. It was reopened in 1969 by the same American owners with Mr J. McDonald as headmaster and closed finally in June 1971.

Almost at the same time in 1965 a Canadian mission under the directorship of Mr. & Mrs. Geake opened a missionary School in Tahiche. This project was abandoned in 1972 on the departure of the Geakes. The responsibility of running a foreign school was then taken over by Mrs. Kohler in La Tegala, Los Fariones, who started a small school in 1973 which ran very successfully until the summer of 1975, when it closed due to the burdens of management imposed on Mrs. Kohler.

It was at this time that Mr. Deign decided to start what was hoped would become a large and renowned private school in the best international traditions. The school was started with just 3 teachers and thirty children in the first year, but in September 1976 received added impetus with the arrival of Mr. & Mrs Alvarez from Tenerife to be responsible for running of the kindergarten at the same premises. Mr & Mrs Alvarez gave up their interest in the kindergarten in 1980 at which time the responsibility for the whole school was taken over by Mr. Deign. The original school buildings have been expanded over the years to form the current school.

Colegio Hispano Británico Lanzarote

Legal Background

In 1976 the Spanish Government became concerned about the control of foreign schools in Spain and invited all interested parties to submit ideas on the new laws with respect to such schools. Mr A Powell of the Runnymeade College in Madrid contacted all the British Schools in Spain and an association was formed to officially present our case before the Spanish Government. This “National Association of British Schools in Spain” (NABSS) continues to work vigorously to maintain and improve the high standards of British education in Spain.

The result of this consultation was the Royal Degree of 12th May 1978, which stipulates the basic regulations for foreign schools. The Decree allowed for two different types of school; those being purely foreign in their pupil content with no participation of Spanish children, and those defined as mixed schools, such as ourselves, providing bilingual education for both Spanish and foreign children alike. Naturally the regulations for such schools are very stringent and of all the foreign schools in Spain, only 8 schools originally applied for the English and Spanish authorisation.

The school received authorisation under the degree on 30th May 1979 to give tuition under both the English and Spanish systems. The school can provide education to children from 3 to 18 years of age. Under the decree the school is responsible to inspectors both from the United Kingdom and Spain. A full report made by the British inspectors is translated and forwarded to the Spanish ministry of education which is our ultimate authority.

The school is a recognised centre for the Universities of Cambridge (CIE) and London Edexcel examination boards and offers GCSE, IGCSE, AS and A levels. It is also a centre for Open University exams and university admissions UCAS.