Calendar & Term Dates

Colegio Hispano Británico Lanzarote

The School Calendar, School-day and dress code

The school Calendar
Although the school follows the British curriculum it is required to adhere to the Spanish school calendar year. In practice this means that the school is open for 175 days a year having a long summer break which is nearly three months long and two shorter breaks for Christmas and Easter. There are no half term breaks although there is a week break for Carnival which is normally in February. The school year normally starts the second week of September and ends in the third week of June.

There are normally 9 holidays throughout the year including local, Canarian and national bank holidays.

The School day
The basic school day starts at 9.25 in the morning and finishes at 3.30 in the afternoon. Morning break is from 11.30am until 11.50am and the lunch break is an hour between 1pm until 2.10pm depending on age. The rest of the day is divided into seven lessons of 40 minutes. The subjects taught at each teaching level are distributed amongst the 35 lessons each week according to our curriculum and lesson plan.

Secondary students are expected to start some lessons at 8.45am and may finish at 4.15 pm depending on their timetable. Timetables for 6th form students will vary according to the subjects they choose.

Dress Code
The school believes in developing individuals with their own personality and style. The school does not have a uniform and students come in their own clothes. However, students must be presentable and clothes should not contain any offensive slogans or be inappropriate for the school day. Very short dresses or showing underwear is not allowed. On days that pupils have P.E., they should wear, or bring with them, suitable sports shoes. They may also bring a change of clothing although there is no compulsory P.E. kit