Academic overview

Colegio Hispano Británico Lanzarote

Learning at Colegio Hispano Británico

At the Hispano Británico our pupils are more than just a number or another nameless child. The aim of the school is to enable every individual to make the most of their abilities and to fulfil their potential. We maintain small class sizes to ensure there is real meaningful interaction between the teachers and each student. The whole school has been specifically designed in keeping with our teaching philosophy and island traditions. Classrooms have been built around a central courtyard and are split into blocks with their own character and feel. It is a school without corridors where students can interact in an open, safe and friendly environment. Our students include children from around the world with the majority coming from Spain, Britain and China, whilst many countries in Europe and all five continents are represented in our student body. This makes the school truly international and multicultural.

The education provided by the school is fully co-validated to the Spanish system allowing our students the same access to Spanish Universities as they would have if taught within the Spanish system. However, our students are not required to take the university entry exams (EBAU) like Spanish school students.

It is our belief that students’ benefit from studying a wide range of subjects which will give them the best possible start in life. Students attending our school are expected to sit 14 subjects at GCSE level. These will include a minimum of four languages, maths and sciences. Once they reach Sixth Form students can choose from a wide selection of A Level courses. In the UK students will be expected to take 3 A Level subjects, however many of our students will take four or even five A Levels. This wider range of subjects undertaken helps our students stand out from the rest.

Our students form part of the Hispano Británico family with students returning to see us after they have graduated or sometimes even after they have completed their doctorates. We are also fortunate enough to have a number of ex-students having become members of staff after completing their Higher Education Studies.

Colegio Hispano Británico Lanzarote

Monitoring progress

Monitoring progress is a key part in ensuring the successes of our students. Students’ reading is monitored from the age of 4 whilst older students doing GCSE and A levels are monitored on all subjects on a weekly basis. Reports are issued at 3.30 on the last day of each term by the form tutor who is also available at that time for further discussion. The report includes individual subject comments with test results, effort grade, an overall tutor’s comment, number of days late and number of days absent. Throughout the term teachers are available to discuss student’s progress. Teachers may also contact parents directly if they feel that there is a problem or they would like to discuss a pupil’s work. Students may also be placed on a daily report at the discretion of the teachers.

If any parent has any concerns the school encourages them to raise these with the teachers at the time. However, concerns can also be raised with other members of staff if parents prefer; such as a head of phase or with the staff at the administration office. The director is generally available to meet with parents in by prior appointment. Students are asked to adhere to the school rules and may be placed on a disciplinary report after a misdemeanour. The management reserves the right to exclude students if their behaviour falls below the standard that is expected.