Frequently Asked Questions

Colegio Hispano Británico Lanzarote

Frequently Asked Questions

The school is completely independent and does not receive any government or other subsidies. Most of the fees go on paying our staff which are our main asset. The school also provides all the materials students require such as books and paper. Additionally fees at A Level include exam fees.

In general there are no additional costs on top of the school fees. We believe in a transparent fee structure were parents know what they will pay at the begging without any hidden extras. The only additional costs could be for transport and school lunches in our dining room if required. A Level students will be required to cover their exam costs.

No. In general we do not have any pre entry requirements as long students above 6 years of age have a reasonable command of English language, however we do reserve the right not to admit or even to exclude students. There are certain circumstances in which students will not be suitable for this school. Whilst the school does accept Special Educational Needs (SEN) children, our approach is to deal with their needs within the normal school classroom setting. We do not have a dedicated SEN class and would therefore have to consider any SEN student on a case by case scenario before accepting them as a pupil. 

We will always welcome new admissions to the school as long as we have a place. There is no admission deadline. We understand that many parents work in the year there are a few students that will join or leave half way through a year or even term.

By contacting the administration office and booking an appointment to see the school. As long as places are available, they can be secured by completing our registration form and paying the deposit. Deposits are deducted from fees throughout the autumn term.

Yes, we will accept students who are staying on the Island for limited periods and fees will be calculated accordingly. However, this will depend on whether we have places available and if they can join without disrupting the class. 

Yes, we do accept external candidates into our exams, however the only subjects available are those which are taught at the school and which we already have students sitting exams. External candidate exam fees incorporate the cost of the exam, cost of invigilation and administrative costs.